Teucrium Fruticans – Read More about It Medicinal Value

If you wish to create an herb garden, you need to have a basic knowledge about plants. Herbs can be classified as perennials, biennials or annuals and must be treated accordingly. Knowing a little more about each of the herb garden plants that you wish to use can help you determine how and where you will plant them. Annuals are the classification given to a number of the most well loved herbs. As annual crops, these herbs live an entire life cycle in just one growing season. A number of these herbs have amazing colour and long lasting blooms.

teucrium fruticans

Perennial plants are those that die back during the warmer months and are dormant during the winter. Still they will return each growing season, bigger and better than they had been the year before. This permits you to enjoy the herbs and add their new taste to your home cooked dishes without needing to replant them annually. Rosemary, thyme, mint, lavender and lots of the oregano herbs are members of the perennial plant family.

Biennial herbs have a life cycle that extends over a two year period. When the seeds sprout during the 1st year the plants will grow roots, strong stems and leaves before retreating into dormancy for the winter.  It is only in the 2nd year the flowers come into bloom and fresh seeds appear. Angelica and caraway are two of the herbs which are categorized as teucrium fruticans. It is simple to grow herb garden plants outside or within your dwelling. These kinds of plants require a light soil that is easily drained. Most herbs have minimum water requirements after they have become established. A little pruning is all of the additional help they need to keep them healthy, happy and thriving.

Herb garden plants are a favourite of chefs and cooks in many nations. Anyone who enjoys strong flavours and spices will love the culinary magic of fresh herbs. Asian and Italian cooks often use herbal ingredients in most of their dishes. You can even use herb garden plants to the essential oils and other Healing substances they contain. These are used for the wholesome, medicinal effects they have on the human body. If utilized correctly many herbs are natural remedies for various different ailments such as digestive upsets, small burns, headaches, infections and fevers.

Despite the fact that these plants are used in several commercial pharmaceutical preparations it is still advisable to ask your doctor for his opinion before you attempt them. Certain oils and fragrances are also extracted from herb garden plants. Many makeup, perfumes, potpourri items, and bath products are created from herbal ingredients. The fresh, light aromas of lavender, roses and mints are soothing and relaxing. You can even use some clippings from rosemary, Mint or eucalyptus plants to include texture, focal attractiveness and appeal to a room in your dwelling.