Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping – The Ultimate Thinking Tool

The basic learning Fundamentals of mind mapping or people of similar theories have existed for centuries and have been utilized by some of the best creative genius’ and most influential people in history such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Richard Feynman, William Blake and Albert Einstein. Tony Buzan states a Mind map is the greatest thinking tool, it is the most easy way to put information and take information it is a way of note taking that literally ‘maps out’ your ideas. Mind Maps have a structure that radiates in accordance with a set of rules that are natural and brain-friendly. A list of information can be transformed into memorable diagrams with mind mapping which reflect your means of thinking and promote thinking.

Linear note-taking and List which is the way to encourage thinking and creativity, it locks the mind behind ‘prison bars’ that disconnects one thought from the other, whilst mind mapping branches stem to form another level of sub-branches that stream along with ideas and your thoughts.

Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping - The Ultimate Thinking Tool

The mind although might include information or the knowledge, is highly disorganized and you might have trouble retrieving the data that is stored when required. Mind Maps help you organize, understand and store information in a manner that gives you access.Imagination and Association are the two principles which make mind mapping so powerful. With images with institutions and links radiating them, our brains operate. Mind Mapping reflects the brains natural, picture filled thinking processes and helps fortify the maps of thought. This is the ability comes naturally to many people and must be utilized as a study tool that is pure.

When developing creative Skills you are not improving your ability to think of ideas you are by default. This is because memory and imagination are identical mental processes – they both work best when youare you institution and imagination.The brain is split to the right and left hemisphere. Each hemisphere processes distinct mental abilities the left develops verbal, analytical and mathematical skills, whilst the right is linked to drawing, music, spatial awareness and creativity. The hemispheres are separate systems and are used. However mind mapping software utilizes aspects of each side of the brain. If used each side of the brain together strengthens the capability and strengthens another in a fashion which offers creative potential.